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A Look at our Websites New Features

Posted on 31 May 2016

We recently launched our brand new website and we feel it has given us the perfect platform to go forward as a brand. We created the website not only to improve the shopping experience for the customer but also to be more interactive with our followers.
Here is a quick run through some of the new features that we have added to the site. 


Music plays a massive part in the daily life of the brand and also the fashion industry as a whole. The new site has seen the brands' SPOTIFY account integrated into the homepage. With one click the brands followers will be able to access the brands' SPOTIFY account. This will give an insight into the music tastes of the STAG Team and what we are currently listening to. 
Customers will have the chance to pick playlists for use in the office and also to listen to what the brand is feeling that week. Every Wednesday a new playlist will be added to the brands' SPOTIFY, this will have been chosen by a member of the STAG Team. 



The #INSTAGCLO feature is a brand new weekly competition that runs via the #INSTAGCLO on Instagram. Every Monday the brand will pick a winning image that has used the hashtag. Every winner will receive a FREE T-shirt of their choice. The image can literally be anything but has to feature STAG Clothing. Below is the first ever winner of the competition.


Another incredible feature that we have added to the site is a way for the followers of the brand to see all of our Lookbooks. There you can find images from previous shoots. This is a great way for us to document the history of the brand and a nice reminder of previous products


As a brand we spend a lot of time and effort on our photography and videography of collections that we release. Until now we have not really been able to show off this content the way we wanted, with this new addition we now have the perfect platform to do just that. The new video function can be found on our home screen, at the bottom of every page and on our Vimeo account. The video on the home screen will be changing regularly to give you a behind the scenes look at the brand and also a different view of products and collections.

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